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Felix - Chrome Extension available free from Google Chrome Web Store


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Felix is a Chrome extension developed during a weekend-long hackathon in 2020 by Foundry Stack.

It is THE solution (we believe) to having too much choice in what to watch on streaming services. Things were very simple in the 90s and early 2000s where you could simple channel surf (or hop if you are British) until you see something that interests you. Then you simple watch the rest of the programme, wondering what have you missed.

Today this experience is no longer possible, as TV content quality has declined while amount of advertisements increased. To have the experience of yesteryear we have to resort to simulation it! Enter Felix.

NetFelix is your house cat that sits on your remote, and randomly switches channels. A perfect way to choose something to watch!

Lets you switch to a completely random point in a random show, or set it on 'Auto' mode to flick through automatically.

If you like a show, just open the extension and press 'Stop Surfing' to continue watching the current show.

Features include: skipping to random shows/episodes at random times using either manual or auto mode. Also ability to filter mature content or by minimum rating. Once you like the show you can simply stop the surfing and just continue watching.

Let us know in the review on the Chrome store the best show you have discovered via this..

You can get the extension free from Chrome Web Store


Here is a demo of how it works in practice: